Helping People on their Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurship is hard. Don’t journey alone!

Building a business requires extraordinary effort, especially as believers in Israel. But it is a lot less stressful and far less risky if you have strong support around you. 

That’s why we are here!

Our diverse team has spent years creating programs and resources that integrate faith and practical skills to help you succeed in your business and professional vocation.

We are here to help you:

  • Expand your professional and business network
  • Connect with other believers in business
  • Get the support you need

We provide resources to:

  • Develop and strengthen your professional skills
  • Integrate your faith and values in your work
  • Understand and apply God’s will for your life

Israel Firstfruits is a community of entrepreneurs and professionals committed to helping you flourish and prosper in your business and life.


Connect with a growing community of believing professionals, freelancers and business owners through programs like the:


• Messianic Business Fellowship

• Israel Business Form


Join a course or training seminar to develop your business expertise. Learning opportunities include:


• The Kingdom Business course

• Special Seminars & Training


Request one-on-one consulting services. Get the personalized help you need through:


• Coaching & Mentoring services

• The Microloan Fund

Ask God First

Embrace Sonship

Pursue Excellence

Walk Together

Serve by Example

Care for People

Be Truthful

Build Generationally


Would you like to intercede with Firstfruits for the work of the Kingdom? Join us once a month via Zoom with believers from around the globe to pray for Israel, the work of Firstfruits, and for believers in the marketplace. Fill out the below form and a team member will connect with you.

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