Day After Fund

On October 7, the people of Israel experienced the most tragic massacre in our nation’s history. As news broke about this terrible act, we all reeled in shock and horror.
Today, Israel is at war. Everyone is impacted.
During this difficult time, we are actively reaching out to our community, checking on them and listening to their needs. As these brothers and sisters are called-up to reserve service, they must leave their families and are forced to halt or close their businesses. Those who aren’t forced to shut down are seeing a major decline in revenues and cash flow as the entire country shifts into war mode. 
But tomorrow will come.
While we are responding to the short-term needs of our community now, Firstfruits is also planning for the days ahead. These will be the times of greatest need, when men and women return from war and begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. 
You can help us prepare for the DAY AFTER – the day when we begin the journey of  recovery, restoration and rebuilding