Day After Fund

On October 7, the people of Israel experienced the most tragic massacre in our nation’s history. As news broke about this terrible act, we all reeled in shock and horror.
Today, Israel is at war. Everyone is impacted.
During this difficult time, we are actively reaching out to our community, checking on them and listening to their needs. As these brothers and sisters are called-up to reserve service, they must leave their families and are forced to halt or close their businesses. Those who aren’t forced to shut down are seeing a major decline in revenues and cash flow as the entire country shifts into war mode. 
But tomorrow will come.
While we are responding to the short-term needs of our community now, Firstfruits is also planning for the days ahead. These will be the times of greatest need, when men and women return from war and begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. 
You can help us prepare for the DAY AFTER – the day when we begin the journey of  recovery, restoration and rebuilding

Support Businesses in Israel

Buy Home in Israel

Sabras (Buy Home in Israel) is your local guide to real estate in Israel. Not your average real estate company, they’re here to help you buy, sell, rent, manage and finance properties all over Israel.


Cuddolls offers cheerful handmade dolls made of quality fabrics such as linen and cotton. Sewn by Claudia in her home studio, her motto is "making people happy". One-of-a-kind gifts for kids and grandkids!

Galilee Calendars Ltd.

Galilee Calendars Ltd. is a marketplace ministry located in Galilee featuring calendars and other gifts from the Holy Land. Your purchase helps support congregational and humanitarian works in the Land of Israel.

Gitit Design & Branding

Gitit Design & Branding creates scripture-inspired artwork for bookmarks, cards and prints. Order inspirational stationary or wall art today, or request a custom design.

Israeli Good Wine

Israeli Good Wine offers a “taste of Israel” by partnering with Jewish and Arab winemakers in the Land. Support Israel through “BUY ONE, GIVE ONE.” With every bottle of wine you purchase, one bottle is donated to a displaced family in Israel.


kitepride is a freedom business that repurposes upcycled surf kites into beautiful handmade bags and cases. Eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind, it's more than just a bag. Buy a bag for yourself, a friend or for corporate gifts!


LogoArena is a logo design platform that enables small to medium businesses to launch design contests with highly skilled and professional designers from around the world. Get a logo for your business in days, not weeks!

Pretty Things Styling

Pretty Things Styling helps women find their own personal style and look fabulous! Purchase the style guide written by an experienced personal stylist and discover the 4 steps to finding your own unique personal style.

Tené Gifts

Tené Gifts provides boutique gifting for any occasion with a personal touch. Allow them to help you create beautiful, personalized gifts for your special occasion or event.

Wise Money Israel

Wise Money Israel is an Israeli believer-staffed wealth management firm licensed both in Israel and the United States. They help individuals and organizations to partner with Israel through investing in Israeli stocks and bonds in shekels.

Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts

Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts offers a wide variety of meaningful gifts from the heart of the Holy Land, including antiquities authorized by the Israel Antiquities Authority. Order today and have your gifts shipped directly to you!

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