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Coaching & Mentoring

At Firstfruits, we believe in walking together. Our Coaching & Mentoring team is committed to walking with people – whether aspiring entrepreneurs or seasoned business leaders – to see them succeed in business and in life. From practical skills to spiritual disciplines, our team provides individualized, one-on-one support and guidance to those who want to serve redemptively in the marketplace.

Kingdom Business Course

Practical business training combined with biblical discipleship is the heart of the Kingdom Business & Entrepreneurship Courses. This two-part intensive program equips marketplace professionals, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with practical business training and tools, all within a biblical context. In the Marketplace Discipleship Course (phase I), participants learn to: integrate their faith and work lives, identify and gain an understanding of their unique gifting and calling, and develop their personal effectiveness, time management and planning skills. In the Redemptive Entrepreneurship Course (phase II), participants learn the building blocks of growing a successful business that embodies the Kingdom of God.

Business Plan Competition

From vision to reality. The Business Plan Competition is an opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs to move from an idea to application, developing their business concept. Unique to Israel Firstfruits, the competition provides incentives and a structured framework to help entrepreneurs move from the “dream” stage to an investable business plan. Finalists also get an opportunity to present their plans to potential investors.

Business Incubator

The Business Incubator offers budding entrepreneurs a chance to grow their business in an enriching environment. We offer physical office space co-located with our team, providing entrepreneurs assistance as they launch businesses and establish Kingdom methods of operation. These leaders and their teams are able to join a mutually supportive community with each other and with the Firstfruits staff.

Messianic Business Fellowship (MBF)

A national marketplace network, the Messianic Business Fellowship (MBF) exists to strengthen and connect believing entrepreneurs and professionals. Offering a variety of national meetings, training seminars, regional home group gatherings and conferences, the MBF provides a place for believers in business to gather, grow and learn. Through this growing community, locals are encouraged, equipped and strengthened!

Microloan Fund

It’s more than money; it’s mentorship. The Firstfruits Microloan Program provides small, low-interest loans to business owners and entrepreneurs. Loan recipients receive more than just funding. They also receive on-going coaching and consulting throughout their loan period.

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