Special Projects

Projects located in Israel

Measures & Metrics

The Measures & Metrics Project (MMP) is a long-term, robust assessment process that will be used to formulate contextualized, meaningful and, most importantly, predictive measurements for Kingdom-based projects. (In short, measure our programs and organizational effectiveness.) This set of frameworks and tools will be made available to other organizations to help improve their own strategic focus, investment and program management.

Arabic Curriculum & Training

The Arabic Curriculum project is focused on translating all of our existing course material into Arabic for contextualized training for Arabic-speaking audiences in Israel and the surrounding region. Phases two and three of the project include translation into English and Russian as well.

Womens Initiative

The Israel Firstfruits’ Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership Initiative is dedicated to the recruitment, development and advancement of female entrepreneurs, marketplace professionals and business leaders. Through community, mentorship and funding, we want to see women who are called to the marketplace flourish and thrive.