Israel Firstfruits Presents

Kingdom Marketplace Study Tours

Join Israel Firstfruits on a Kingdom Marketplace study tour!

These one-of-a-kind tour opportunities offer a dynamic encounter with the Land and people of Israel, focusing on Kingdom in the Marketplace and Kingdom Leadership.


  • Be guided by experienced, licensed guides who are also believers.

  • Engage in life-changing Bible studies on location that apply both personally and professionally.

  • Spend time with the IFC team and meet some of our local business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s your first trip to Israel or you’re returning for another experience, these tour opportunities offer something unique and powerful. We invite and welcome you to join us for a Kingdom Marketplace tour experience!

Encounter the Land. Engage the People.

Experience the life-changing Word!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Absolutely! Despite what is portrayed on the news, Israel is a very safe place. Great lengths are taken to ensure the safety of tourists and travelers. The biblical sites we visit and the locations of our hotels are popular and peaceful. We do not visit areas of conflict so often highlighted in the media.

Who are these trips for?

These study tours are for believers who want a to go deeper than a traditional site-seeing tour. Our special emphasis on Kingdom Marketplace makes these tours ideal for entrepreneurs, business leaders and marketplace professionals. But all are welcome!

Why should I go?

Visiting Israel is a life-changing experience. Walking the land of the Bible and studying scripture in its context not only recharges your faith, it will forever altar the way you read the Word. Without a doubt, journeying through Israel is a transforming experience and you will be impacted spiritually and practically by your first-hand encounter in the Land.

Do I need a visa?

U.S. citizens do not require a visa to travel. Only a valid passport is needed. (Passport must be valid for six (6) months after your return date.) Non-U.S. citizens must contact the Israel Embassy regarding their specific visa requirements.

Do I need immunizations?

Immunizations are not required to visit Israel.

Will there be a language barrier?

Although Hebrew is the official language of Israel, almost everyone speaks English. All shops have English-speaking staff and our tour guides all speak English.

Can you accommodate special diets?

In general, food in Israel is very healthy and there is a broad selection. In most cases, we can easily accommodate special diets. Strict dietary needs must be communicated in advance.

What is the dress code?

May and October are both generally mild with and daytime temperatures typically in the 80s and 90s and evenings cooling down to the 60s and 70s. We recommend lightweight, comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. Hats, scarves and longer shirts and pants/skirts will help with the sun. A sweater or lightweight jacket is a good idea for evenings. Because we visit a number of holy sites, we ask all participants to dress modestly at all times. Please no tank tops, short shorts or skirts or other revealing clothing.

How much spending money should I bring?

Spending money really depends on each individual. All of your ground costs are covered: hotel, meals, transportation, and entry fees. You will need additional money for extra tips, sundries and souvenirs. Many souvenir shops, however accept all major credit cards.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. We ask all participants to purchase international health insurance. The minimal cost is worth it should you need medical attention at any time.

What is the cost?

Cost varies by trip. Additional fees may apply for single room requests, etc. Please refer to the trip brochure for more details.

Should I go?

Yes! There is no time like the present to visit Israel

How can we best serve you?

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